NEW Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) come into effect January 15, 2019.


All foods sold in Canada must be labelled and sold as per the requirements of The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Q&R can help with:

Preparing for licencing

Properly preparing a Canadian label.

Including Food Additive Use, Nutrition Labelling, Nutrient Content & Health Claims and Food Fortification.

Ingredient Lists:

  • Applicability, Exemptions and location
  • Nomenclature (Common Names, FDR names, CFIA Food Additive Synonyms, Standardized Food) 
  • Manner of Declaration (Typography, small packages, order of presentation, component declaration etc.)
  • Marketing Authorizations and Temporary Marketing Authorization

Nutrition Labelling

How to properly set up and present Canadian nutrition information.

  • Activities are subject to licencing, preventive control plans and traceability.
  • Many technical documents have been Incorporated by reference, (IbR), for example, standards of identity, organic standards, units of measurement for Net content and preventive control plan requirements.
  • Amendments to the Labelling requirements in the SFCR have been made as part of food labelling modernization.


We can help you with the NEW Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (2019)

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